Sotheby’s Christian Theroux

By January 9, 2018 March 20th, 2019 No Comments

It was such a pleasure getting to explore such a well designed brand identity, especially one like Sotheby’s. We were thrilled to have such effective brand resources available to aid in the stunning design of this website. Unfortunately for us (and our viewers), this website has since been taken offline as Christian does no longer work with Sotheby’s.

The interior pages of this one of a kind website showcased beautiful design elements, unique page layouts, and was still mobile friendly thanks to the partitioning within the pages and block elements! It was a straightforward solution from a development perspective that resulted in the most wonderful final result.

Integration wise, this website connected seamlessly to the full Sotheby’s realty database. We added a realtor wide search as well, so the viewers could sort within all their desired specifications. This unique website was truly a favorite of ours on so many fronts, from the brand integrations, to the endless high-quality content, to the beautiful API integration of the existing listing search functionality. We are currently digging through our archives and plan to replace the backup of this site so we can gather more screenshots for your enjoyment! Maybe by the time that happens, we’ll have an opportunity and the right client who will want a website similar to this. Be sure to let us know if you like the look of this website as we are always happy to utilize reference materials to help create your perfect website.

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