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This is a company we are so excited about – SOLVD. Without going into too much detail until their launch within the next few weeks, we can share that the Monterey Bay area is getting a much needed stress reliever and time saver. SOLVD will solve endless problems, scheduling conflicts, assistance requirements and more than you could ever imagine.

This brand identity needed to work across so many markets, so many mediums, and would undoubtedly need to grow as time passes and the need for their services grows. This brand leverages a clean, simple, easy to read and identify logo mark with a unique dapper looking icon hidden within the V. By keeping a minimalist approach to the design, and simply utilizing sleek colors and textures to allow this brand to flourish on bags, mugs, and apparel, this brand identity will be universally recognizable, and synonymous with quality and ease.

The addition of the colorful icons and geometric shapes bring a bit of fun and whimsy to the brand elements, which helps convey the simplicity of the services, and will invoke happy emotions throughout the website, the print materials, and eventually the app. They can easily be removed for other mediums if required, and simplify the brand allowing for quicker and easier printing on our client’s behalf. They will also save on printing costs by utilizing a clean, simple brand identity. These are all elements we take into consideration when designing a brand identity.


Check back in a few weeks, we’ll be sharing the SOLVD website, and more about this amazing new company!


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