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Your website is an asset and just as valuable as a physical location. Directing traffic to your website should be a priority on in your business goals, but you need to make sure you are getting traffic from the right sources. Traffic to a website is broken up into 4 categories: Organic, Direct, Social, and Referral. Today we will be looking at what is more valuable and cost effective for attaining traffic: Social Media or SEO

When it comes Social Media for directing traffic to your site, it’s a mixed bag. For most Social Platforms, the link to your actual site is within the bio or About section. But for this instance we are going to talk mainly about Facebook. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: not every business needs to be on Facebook. Let me say that again.

Not every business needs to be on Facebook.

This is for two reasons. The first being that some business types do not benefit from Facebook pages. When was the last time you “liked” and “followed” a Law Firm on Facebook? Or a Mattress Store? The second being the main issue: the Facebook algorithm has changed. Years ago it was much simpler. You have 1,000 Likes on your page or 1,000 Friends? You post and a majority of them would see that in their feed. But due to Facebook’s revenue model being on ads, they began to shift nearly entirely on ads for Facebook pages. Now when you post normally, you may reach up to 10% of your audience organically. But if you boost the post (with money) you are able to reach all relevant audience profiles who have liked your page. So you end up paying for content to be made for your Social Media Platforms, along with having to boost each individual post, and this creates new expenses rather quickly. The catch is, unless you are boosting your posts and targeting the right profiles and interests on Facebook, your content is making passive impressions to an audience that is not interested.

SEO’s purpose is to bring the right type of people to your site over time. At first you don’t know who they are, only that they are looking for your company services/industry. We start with a thorough Industry audit to compile the best keywords for you. Once integrated onto the site, the SEO tells Google exactly where to index you and how best to put you in front of the correct users. Maintaining this growth and adapting the strategy to user trends is called Organic SEO, meaning there’s no money involved outside of Zeeqk working hard to get you on top.  The traffic gathered through search engine optimization becomes very targeted and natural. You rank for your services, your company name, and sometimes even competitors to rise on the first page of Google. 70% of all traffic online is Organic, paired with SEO we tap into the most relevant and biggest traffic to help your business.

Do you have questions regarding SEO? Fill out our contact form to get set up with our SEO Expert to see how Zeeqk can best help your business online and dismiss any misinformation about SEO you may have learned.

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