Optimization: What to Expect First Quarter

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We don’t just plug and play, we’re here to educate. The more we can help you understand, the more value you will get out of it. Through our monthly reports and phone calls we explain the process and are happy to answer any questions you may have. And as an added bonus you can tell when other agencies are telling things that don’t quite add up.

Month one is all about focus on the long term. It’s a time about education, numbers to make a client feel good about their investment, educating and addressing their fears, and build a strong strategy that syncs with their business plans. We begin with diving deep into your business niche, competitors, and existing presence. We then do a massive audit of your entire presence and strategy to find the areas that are in the most dire need. We’ll implement our initial strategy, then provide a detailed report on our initial research and audit, along with the plan outline for the following two months. The initial month’s report will also include an overview of what the terminology means, how to read and understand your report, and an overview of what to expect as your strategy grows.

Month two includes all the improvements we can squeeze into your strategy (without stuffing) and analyzing any metrics we received from the implemented strategy in the first month. We’ll continue exploring the relevant keywords, get to know your business a few levels deeper by working with you to understand your needs and goals, and implementing the appropriate changes to reach these goals. Your month two report will conclude with any relevant findings, will likely already show growth compared to previous months, and will include a plan for month three.

Month three is when we consider the real fun to begin. By month three, the analytics and optimizations have been done and running and we now have a baseline. We have your core keywords and have discovered new ones along the way to implement down the line. The site has hit all marks of optimizations and is ready for growth. This is where we expect you to begin seeing real results.

Any good Organic Search Engine Optimization strategy should require about three months of setup and understanding, and after month three, should really showcase the growth. Sometimes, it’s incredibly apparent.

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