Omri contacted us to plan a very secretive proposal while his girlfriend was on a girls trip through California (assuming Omri was stuck back in Texas on a work thing). With the help and coordination of her best friends, they led her to a secluded eucalyptus grove along the coast. Very confused, Carlye continued with her friends down the trail, when she saw a man who “sure looks a lot like Omri…” but Omri was back in Texas… Wasn’t he? Much to her surprise, she realized it was, in fact, Omri + ran to him immediately. He dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him, and with tears in her eyes, she said yes! He then told her she wasn’t, in fact, going to catch the plane she was “about to catch”. Instead, he was coming with her, in the gorgeous sports car he rented for the week, and they were having a romantic vacation along the Big Sur coast to celebrate. Her first question? “My hair appointment!” which Omri had already rescheduled, secretly for their return. Does it get any more perfect than this? We don’t think so!

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