Kell + Jason | San Francisco Bridals

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A few weeks after their Big Sur Bridals in Andrew Molera State Park and Garrapata State Park, we decided to venture through San Francisco for part two of their bridal session.

This was an especially cool shoot because Kell  was in Monterey finishing up her program at the Middlebury Institute (M.I.I.S.) and her fiance, Jason, as well as a handful of her family members were able to make the trip all the way from Singapore, to visit her in Monterey. Once Kell was able to finish her program, her and her family set off on a cross country trip to explore the USA together. Is that not amazing?! Among their first stops, they rented a big house in San Francisco and got to explore before heading East.

We met them in San Francisco, picked them up and toured them around (semi-local style). Being our second shoot with them, and pushing the 8 hour mark of hanging out, we ended up getting to know each other incredibly well!

We managed to find Lovers Lane in the Presidio, and even found parking. Once we managed to get to the right area, we were pleasantly surprised to have it all to ourselves! I absolutely adore eucalyptus trees and symmetry, so this location was an absolute dream.  I can’t wait to go back again and again.

Our final location, and one that’s always a little challenging on a sunny day, was the Sutro Baths in San Francisco. There are always crowds of photographers, couples, gorgeous dresses blowing in the wind, and everyone is fighting (usually rather respectfully) for that prime spot and ideal golden light. It gets pretty intense depending on the day but we managed to get pretty lucky across the board.

After having such an amazing time together, we naturally began to discuss their wedding and they mentioned how great it would be to have us along. We told them we’d be incredibly overjoyed to visit them and their family in Singapore and capture their wedding. Much to my disbelief, that’s exactly what ended up happening. You’ll have to read more about that amazing adventure in a future entry.

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