Kell + Jason | Big Sur Bridals

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Kell and Jason contacted us interested in having bridal/engagement style photos done while they were both in the states. We knew from the beginning that this couple was incredibly kind, loving and adventurous, and we were so excited for their shoot.

Any time we have the opportunity to explore and photograph a gorgeous couple in formals without the time constraints/stressors of shooting on the actual wedding day, it’s a dream come true. We absolutely love the flexibility of being able to spend more time at each location, venture a little further onto a cliff or into the woods, and just have a really good time.

We initially spoke about Bridals in Big Sur, but then after getting to know them further and better understanding the Singapore Culture and how these images were to be displayed during their wedding day, we realized it was going to be broken up into two shoots – one in Big Sur, and another in the San Francisco area.

Because of the closures in Big Sur, we decided to begin our shoot at the beautiful Andrew Molera State Park. They wanted a beachy backdrop, then to end with a cliffside location at sunset. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize how incredibly long the walk out to the beach at Andrew Molera took in formal attire, and that put us a little behind after the wardrobe change. Everything worked out for the best though, we were treated to the most beautiful light on the trail out to the beach, and ended up with some really moody (totally their style) photos on the cliffs in their second outfit. It was such a fun shoot and we always love exploring new locations with our couples!

Part Two of their Sutro Baths / Lovers Lane session in San Francisco here!

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