DIY Wedding Invitations

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Time to get crafty! Making your own wedding invitations can be fun, more personal, and mostly pretty easy to do if you’re creatively inclined. There’s huge variety when it comes to the execution of DIY wedding invitations these days, so before you start buying paper or ink, you need to think about the final form of your invite. How will it look, and what process do you want to use to make it? Never the less don’t stress I have some tips and tricks that can help you.

Splurge On Fancy Envelopes 

The best part of DIYing your invitations is you get them to look exactly as you want. This includes not being restricted to the envelopes that come in the set. Buy envelopes in a coordinating color for your invitations or wedding theme. Envelopes come in every color under the sun, and all different paper finishes, from bold and sparkly, to ever-so-slightly nuanced. You will be amazed at how opening a luxurious envelope sets a positive tone for the reader.

Use A Standout Font

There are tons of free fonts available online and a quick Pinterest search on free fonts will bring up collections of fonts to suit any need. Your font choices can set the mood as much as the graphics and envelope color. Fonts can be bold, daring, vintage, casual, personal, classic, and romantic.  A good rule of thumb is to use two font styles and carry them throughout your invitation.

Trim To Size

A good trick to making your invitations from looking home-made to having a more professional feel is to keep your invitation size to the standard 5×7. Keeping it to the standard size will also save you money on printing, so it’s a win-win tip!

Paper Quality Matters

Get creative with your paper choices. Don’t just think white or cream, although if you have a colorful design to print these are probably your best bet. If you have a neutral color design play up the paper color. Also, I recommend using a heavier card stock than your standard printer paper.

Double Check

There is nothing worse than printing out tons of copies only to find an error. Before committing to print your entire invitation suite, print off one copy and look over it for alignment issues, spacing, spelling, dates, grammar, etc. Have a second set of eyes read over to catch anything that you may have missed. Then read it one final time before hitting the print key.

Not sure if DIY is for you? Check Instagram or Pinterest for some amazing designers and calligraphers (such as the wonderful who designed the stunning invite suite in our featured image)! Most designers can work within a budget and provide stunning results – saving you tons of time and headache trying to handle it yourself. Want a middle ground between DIY and custom? Consider the endless pre-made design options from sites such as

If you designed or printed your own DIY wedding invitations please share your thoughts/experience with us below in the comments!

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