Carmel Rancho Shopping Center: Brand Identity

The Carmel Rancho Shopping Center needed a simple yet striking and effective brand identity to showcase the new energy being brought into the center. With a new coffee shop going in, renovations to the grounds and stores, new industries, and coming into the Summer Season, it was the perfect time to debut the new look. We’re eager to see this brand unfold across the center and look forward to its simple application options.

A major goal of this rebrand was to appeal to multiple demographics – from the existing patrons who have been shopping here for years, to the younger inflow of new college students, tourists, and other locals who have possibly overlooked CRSC in the past. We wanted to bring a fresh, bright look to the center to really showcase the changes happening here.

When branding a company that has other brands alongside it (i.e. this logo needs to coexist nicely alongside tenant logos), we try to make a brand as simple and clean as possible. This allows for easier printing, quicker turnaround on approvals for any associated brand materials (in this case, we’re discussing teal blue planters), and overall makes everyone’s life a little easier when transitioning a new brand. We also considered the application on signage, and feel this simple logomark with a clean typeface will be quick and easy to print, but also highly visible and recognizable from the highway. This should result in a more cohesive brand appearance, and will certainly enforce the changes that are happening at CRSC.

We are so excited to be working on a handful of projects within the Carmel Rancho Shopping Center, and are looking forward to providing our branding, creative consultation, web design & photography to continue bringing the businesses here (and new businesses) up to date with what the customers are looking to see! We hope to assist CRSC in positioning itself as a one of a kind shopping experience with new and exciting finds, daily. In the near future, the Carmel Rancho Shopping Center will prove to be a space everyone can come and shop, dine, relax, and enjoy!


Bud Light: Holiday Campaign


We were called very last minute by Bud Light, as another local agency in San Francisco had fallen through on this brief and they only had a day and a half to get this shoot coordinated, shot, and delivered. When working with big brands, often “simple” shoot concepts have many more rules and requirements that add up to a large time investment (and a slower turnaround) than you might expect. This was the case with Bud Light’s Holiday campaign when we worked on it. We had just 36 hours (give or take) to coordinate this entire shoot.

We managed to get in just under the wire, and created what they considered perfectly on brief.

Amazing, this is perfect. Thank you so much for getting these done so quickly, you’ve saved the day

Kari T. on behalf of Budweiser

Life happens, and we can’t always squeeze in a last minute brief, but in this case everything came together perfectly and we were so happy to have the opportunity to work with Bud Light.

Coffee Bank: Brand Identity

It’s fair to say we love all the brands we create, however this one was special. Austin and Nicole are from the greater Seattle, Washington area and while they traveled the country in their earlier years together, spent an immense amount of time at various coffee shops. Prior to having a headquarters, coffee shops provided invaluable networking opportunities, somewhat reliable wifi, and inspiration to continue building their businesses. They always dreamed of the day they would get to work with a new coffee shop, an opportunity that (especially for a small town like Monterey) doesn’t come up very often.

When our clients approached us with their idea, they simply gave us their hopes and dreams, and entrusted our enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge about this particular industry to do the rest. This brand, along with everything else we’ve done and will continue to provide to this amazing company, became a true passion project for our agency.

The technical elements of the brand are actually quite simple. We needed a versatile and strong identity. The intention is to create such an icon in this area, the brand will be timeless and never require changing, only small updates to the associated elements. We knew the production cost for all the branded materials were going to be substantial, so to save on costs where we could (so they could be added back into the overall construction of the coffee shop itself!) so to keep the production easier and more cost effective, we opted to bring in the iconic brown kraft paper color (and texture) as it is a print standard and will save them thousands over the years, but will maintain efficiency by having a basic item be almost immediately on brand-message. The little elements like this are what we strive to bring into every identity we create, ensuring your business is armed with a thoroughly thought out, long term identity.

The goal of this brand was to be universally approachable. We removed the “the” from the name as it’s far stronger without it. We further minimized the print costs and color-matching hassles by creating outline icons in a monochrome colorscheme as the only related elements (aside from photography as far as marketing/digital production is concerned).

The Coffee Bank, which is set to open this summer in Carmel, has an amazing story. One that you’ll have to wait to hear about once their website launches and their marketing begins. However, their mission, their story, and their location all lead to the inception of this brand identity. The Monterey Peninsula has needed a cafe that serves delicious coffee, fresh food, and offers a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. It simply doesn’t exist here, especially for a younger demographic.

We have been so thrilled, and honored to get to work with them on nearly every last detail of their brand, their website, their marketing materials, the overarching business model, creative consultation, working with the architects, and especially helping finalize their menu offerings. We are so beyond thrilled for their launch this summer and are so excited to showcase the years of planning and design, upon launch. Stay tuned for more on Coffee Bank, this is one you won’t want to miss.


California Pizza Kitchen: Crispy Margherita

We were thrilled to work on this brief from California Pizza Kitchen for their new Crispy Flatbread Margherita pizza. Not only was this a great shoot, these little pizza flatbreads are actually delicious when cooked in a convection toaster oven! It was a great midday snack and that always helps to love a product when your’e creating content for it!

We showcased the margherita alongside some ingredients their pizza’s use, and are suggested to top with for a custom flavor! These Margherita’s were perfect for that, we imagine they would be great to serve at parties and allow for a toppings bar, allowing all guests to get their own custom pizza, without any hassle.

After we do a brief for a global brand, we don’t always get to see the content being used. It simply goes off, to be used in a campaign in the immediate or very distant future, dependent upon some corporate red tape. When it eventually does get used, we are lucky to stumble across it ourselves, or be told by friends/family they saw our work. When we never see anything of our work, then get served an ad almost a year after completing a brief? It’s quite a pleasant surprise! We think ” wow, that looks good” then we double take and realize it’s our own content! That’s exactly what happened with our CPK brief – we forgot about it entirely after searching for a few months, then suddenly had an inflow of ads served to us via Pinterest and Instagram! We love creating compelling content, especially for brands who have great products and services.


Leisure By Design: Brand Identity, Web Development

The most successful projects are when the collaboration between our team and the client is open, thought out, and the creative process is respected. Leisure By Design is a kitchen and home design studio located in Seaside that wanted to showcase elegance and simplicity within their brand. Eventually, the goal was to have a recognizable logo mark that could be branded onto their own cabinet line. We explored a variety of logo concepts, typography combinations, and various color schemes, but continually came back to this bold, high contrast scheme of black, white and red. We knew this would allow the brand to stand out across all designs.

From the client’s needs, we established that they wanted to be a trend setter, and disrupt the industry with forward-thinking design concepts. We immediately found that high-contrast black and white imagery pairs perfectly with the brand, and would allow for various graphic elements to be used in tandem with the brand. Knowing their brand would evolve into many printed assets, the brand needed to work across multiple layouts, mediums, and incorporate the various brand elements (dots, leading lines, large drop caps, and dramatic color use).


Organic Search Engine Optimization: Our Process Overview

Your website is live and need exposure? Well of course you do it’s a pretty site and needs to be seen! Luckily, 70% of all web traffic is organic! That means a majority of the traffic are people avoiding ads.

We aggregate the right attention to your website, your local pages, and help optimize even your social media profiles connect to your business. SEO is the line that connects your web presence together. It’s a core part of your business that is often overlooked because businesses are on every platform imaginable, hoping that one of their lines in the water will take a bite. Focus on quality, not quantity. Just take a moment to imagine out ranking a competitor, or a business name that pops up all the time and isn’t even related to yours!

SEO is a process. So you have to work with us in understanding that it is not instant. But once it gets running it takes off! To start, Josh will call you and answer any questions you may have about SEO (there’s a lot of misinformation out there) and educate you on the process. From there he will work with you to develop a list of keywords thank you would like to rank for, for either national or local results. After a few rounds of research you will have a list of core words that benefit your business. Now, this is an important difference in what separates us as SEO Experts vs SEO Agencies. Experts take the time to know your industry, your business. Agencies plug you into a software and charge.

We’ve been around the virtual block and are ready to take your business to the next level!

Hermus Olive Oil: Website Development


We designed and developed this website and brand quite a while ago. In the age of technology, that means it’s essentially obsolete. There are so many myths about WordPress, and websites needing to be an expensive, difficult, time consuming venture, but this website is a testament to how that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While the live version may have a few things missing, a few changes, and look slightly less refined than what we are developing currently on websites, it has stayed live nearly two years (partially thanks to 1upCloud), solely being managed by the client himself. This website continues to reliably sell product and operate autonomously for the client with no additional assistance required by a developer.

When it comes to small businesses, and even larger corporations, we always strive to create an asset for your company, that you can actually utilize to it’s fullest potential. We never sell you a product you aren’t able to use yourself, we will never lock you into “required” maintenance contracts. We simply offer them to save you time and make your life easier. Your website is yours, and you should know how to use it.

If you’re interested in getting a site you can actually manage, or simply working with a company that has honest business practices in a modern industry, simply give us a call, we’d love to work with you.

Speaking of the functionality of this site, go over and buy a bottle while you’re at it. We’ve gone through 3 or 4 already and it’s quite delicious. Their standards of quality are bare none and the process in which they produce the oil is just so perfectly justified to the flavors. If you’re a foodie, you’ll have a hard time going back to generics, or even some of your higher-end favorites as well.


While this website is not one of our most recent websites, we are incredibly proud of the fact it’s been online exclusively by our client’s own maintenance, and still functions perfectly, is mobile friendly, and continues to sell product.

It is an excellent example of how your investment can pay off if you find the right team, and we encourage you to explore it live by clicking here

SEO Results: Digging Deeper

Our reports are visual and informational. Below are some examples of what types of metrics you will be seeing and the level of depth we can go for your business over time.




Overall site performance and audience use, helps us guide the strategy and the user to your goals.





Device Usage helps us determine how content changes affect your site and the user experience.




Tracking growth and all the resources available to boost your site and connect with your base.





Detailed analytics for your local searches and pages.





Your views through local keyword search results and how often you are appearing on Google Maps.





The actions taken by the audience for visiting your site, calling you, or requesting directions.




Where the users are requesting directions from and who your immediate local base may be.




  • Google Indexing status
  • Google Webmaster: Site Performance
  • Audience Search Queries: Both Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • URL and Permalink Performance
  • User Behavior Site Tree: Where are they going on your site?
  • Complete SEO page relevancy ratios and meta tag ratios

Organic SEO: What to Expect First Quarter

We don’t just plug and play, we’re here to educate. The more we can help you understand, the more value you will get out of it. Through our monthly reports and phone calls we explain the process and are happy to answer any questions you may have. And as an added bonus you can tell when other agencies are telling things that don’t quite add up.

Month one is all about focus on the long term. It’s a time about education, numbers to make a client feel good about their investment, educating and addressing their fears, and build a strong strategy that syncs with their business plans. We begin with diving deep into your business niche, competitors, and existing presence. We then do a massive audit of your entire presence and strategy to find the areas that are in the most dire need. We’ll implement our initial strategy, then provide a detailed report on our initial research and audit, along with the plan outline for the following two months. The initial month’s report will also include an overview of what the terminology means, how to read and understand your report, and an overview of what to expect as your strategy grows.

Month two includes all the improvements we can squeeze into your strategy (without stuffing) and analyzing any metrics we received from the implemented strategy in the first month. We’ll continue exploring the relevant keywords, get to know your business a few levels deeper by working with you to understand your needs and goals, and implementing the appropriate changes to reach these goals. Your month two report will conclude with any relevant findings, will likely already show growth compared to previous months, and will include a plan for month three.

Month three is when we consider the real fun to begin. By month three, the analytics and optimizations have been done and running and we now have a baseline. We have your core keywords and have discovered new ones along the way to implement down the line. The site has hit all marks of optimizations and is ready for growth. This is where we expect you to begin seeing real results.

Any good Organic Search Engine Optimization strategy should require about three months of setup and understanding, and after month three, should really showcase the growth. Sometimes, it’s incredibly apparent.

Google Mobile-First Indexing: How It Can Change SEO


Google is always tinkering. Innovate it or break it, it is what they do. But there has not been a major update concerning mobile versions since the dubbed “Mobilegeddon” in Spring of 2015. This was when Google decreed that having a mobile friendly site was mandatory if you wanted to rank. Now luckily this current update is not going to affect ranking.


Google has been playing with Mobile-First Indexing for about a year and a half and now all the notes are coming out. Currently the indexing status is not separate from Desktop Indexing, which will forever be treated as the base standard for your website. For now, there will be a new crawl stat added called “Smartphone Googlebot.” Now you have data to cross reference with your incoming traffic of Mobile users from Google Analytics! Now what’s interesting is Google will start showing mobile versions of pages in search results. Normally all pages are based off the Desktop version, and when you access a site on your phone or tablet the site is pinged to adjust to your screen or bring up their dedicated mobile version.

What is fascinating about this (if you’re a data junky like me) is that we are going to one day have very in-depth metrics and tool for each version of a website. Almost all sites nowadays are responsive, meaning they can adjust their look and assets to any sort of screen size. You can test this out by visiting any website, grabbing the side of the window, and dragging to resize your browser. If the site scales down to size, it is responsive. If it doesn’t or it looks clunky, it needs help (Reach out to us here for web design!). Right now the factors are all about page design and site structure. Your mobile site must have mobile-friendly URLs, structured data, and here’s the kicker: meta data and content. Some sites have a separate version for phone that has less content so it can load faster, but if you want to be indexed here, your mobile site should contain the same content as your desktop site. Combine that with meta data (title, tags, meta description, SEO in general), this is the groundwork for a whole new area of SEO.

Now let me tell you WHY this is fascinating. Because of we are going to eventually have a separate indexing, meta, and webmaster tools for just mobile. And this means a whole new strategy because the keywords are going to be different. On desktop you can sit down and search anything. You have space, you have time, it’s the wide open internet. But when searching on your phone it is always more targeted. More local by default because most of the time your searches are tied directly with your GPS. So if rankings for mobile specifically get released, the keywords are going to be initially harder predict but more organic. The users will tell YOU what they are searching for, much like the queries section in our monthly SEO reports we give to clients. This means Mobile-First Indexing will affect map packs and local keywords immensely. Having the right geo tags and long-tail keywords will give you the edge in this new expansion of digital real estate.

It’s been awhile since we had a shakeup from Google, and it is not hard to imagine Google one day dedicating a ranking factor just for mobile as we evolve into an increasingly on-the-go type of world. It’s exciting, but its going to create a lot more work for me.

-Josh, Zeeqk SEO Expert and Data Junkie

Investing in Traffic: Social Media vs SEO


Your website is an asset and just as valuable as a physical location. Directing traffic to your website should be a priority on in your business goals, but you need to make sure you are getting traffic from the right sources. Traffic to a website is broken up into 4 categories: Organic, Direct, Social, and Referral. Today we will be looking at what is more valuable and cost effective for attaining traffic: Social Media or SEO

When it comes Social Media for directing traffic to your site, it’s a mixed bag. For most Social Platforms, the link to your actual site is within the bio or About section. But for this instance we are going to talk mainly about Facebook. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: not every business needs to be on Facebook. Let me say that again.

Not every business needs to be on Facebook.

This is for two reasons. The first being that some business types do not benefit from Facebook pages. When was the last time you “liked” and “followed” a Law Firm on Facebook? Or a Mattress Store? The second being the main issue: the Facebook algorithm has changed. Years ago it was much simpler. You have 1,000 Likes on your page or 1,000 Friends? You post and a majority of them would see that in their feed. But due to Facebook’s revenue model being on ads, they began to shift nearly entirely on ads for Facebook pages. Now when you post normally, you may reach up to 10% of your audience organically. But if you boost the post (with money) you are able to reach all relevant audience profiles who have liked your page. So you end up paying for content to be made for your Social Media Platforms, along with having to boost each individual post, and this creates new expenses rather quickly. The catch is, unless you are boosting your posts and targeting the right profiles and interests on Facebook, your content is making passive impressions to an audience that is not interested.

SEO’s purpose is to bring the right type of people to your site over time. At first you don’t know who they are, only that they are looking for your company services/industry. We start with a thorough Industry audit to compile the best keywords for you. Once integrated onto the site, the SEO tells Google exactly where to index you and how best to put you in front of the correct users. Maintaining this growth and adapting the strategy to user trends is called Organic SEO, meaning there’s no money involved outside of Zeeqk working hard to get you on top.  The traffic gathered through search engine optimization becomes very targeted and natural. You rank for your services, your company name, and sometimes even competitors to rise on the first page of Google. 70% of all traffic online is Organic, paired with SEO we tap into the most relevant and biggest traffic to help your business.

Do you have questions regarding SEO? Fill out our contact form to get set up with our SEO Expert to see how Zeeqk can best help your business online and dismiss any misinformation about SEO you may have learned.

when you have a story to tell.