Monterey Travel Tips

For anyone who has not yet visited the Monterey Peninsula, you may be surprisingly overwhelmed upon your arrival at the many places to see and things to do in this sweet little coastal town. We’ve lived here for nearly four years and are constantly helping our couples get the most out of their trip with our suggestions! 

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Considering a First Look

For elopements with just the couple, a first look is not much different than a traditional ceremony. For weddings with even a handful of guests, considering a first look is a great idea for a few reasons!

The main reason we love first looks is because it provides you a private environment where you can be real with each other without any external pressures.

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When to Plan Your Photos

This is the number one question our clients ask us and we are always so glad when they consider timeliness!

Planning for ideal photos is really quite simple!

For sessions, most photographers want to shoot within what is known as Golden Hour. This is the last, most gorgeous hour of light before sunset that provides usually idealistic shooting conditions.

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Our Top Travel Tips

Ever since Austin and I met, we were traveling together. The first month we were dating, we rang in the new year by traveling to Canada for a week together, and visited Las Vegas for a week 6 months later. Just 3 months after that, we traveled to San Francisco on a west coast road trip where we got engaged. Only about 3 months after that, we traveled to Southern California (via road trip as well!) to decide if we wanted to move there. About 3 months after that, we moved all our stuff from Olympia Washington to Southern California at just 19 years old. We constantly traveled back and forth to Washington, almost always driving.

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John + Lauren | Big Sur Custom Proposal

Oh, how I love custom proposals. John’s Mom actually called me from Washington (where we’re from) and I was very confused, assuming it was a family matter! Come to find out, John was in Washington asking Lauren’s parents for her hand in marriage, and his Mom was helping coordinate all the lovely details for him. How sweet is that? Anyway, a few hours later, John called and asked if we could do the entire custom proposal in less than a week, so he could catch Lauren off guard. See, they were leaving to New York a few days later, and Lauren was hoping for a New York proposal.

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Austin + Katy | Big Sur Destination Engagement

The proposal bit of this engagement session can be viewed HERE! This second portion of their shoot was done later in the evening, so that Austin could not only get all his nerves out by proposing earlier in the day, but also give them the day to brunch, walk around the beautiful city of Monterey and Carmel, and just be newly engaged sweethearts! It also gave them a chance to freshen up since Katy was aware she would be getting her photos taken. Win, win if you ask me!

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