California Pizza Kitchen

By June 10, 2017 March 20th, 2019 No Comments

We were thrilled to work on this brief from California Pizza Kitchen for their new Crispy Flatbread Margherita pizza. Not only was this a great shoot, these little pizza flatbreads are actually delicious when cooked in a convection toaster oven! It was a great midday snack and that always helps to love a product when you’re creating content for it!

We showcased the margherita alongside some ingredients their pizza’s use, and are suggested to top with for a custom flavor! These Margherita’s were perfect for that, we imagine they would be great to serve at parties and allow for a toppings bar, allowing all guests to get their own custom pizza, without any hassle.

After we do a brief for a global brand, we don’t always get to see the content being used. It simply goes off, to be used in a campaign in the immediate or very distant future, dependent upon some corporate red tape. When it eventually does get used, we are lucky to stumble across it ourselves, or be told by friends/family they saw our work. When we never see anything of our work, then get served an ad almost a year after completing a brief? It’s quite a pleasant surprise! We think ” wow, that looks good” then we double take and realize it’s our own content! That’s exactly what happened with our CPK brief – we forgot about it entirely after searching for a few months, then suddenly had an inflow of ads served to us via Pinterest and Instagram! We love creating compelling content, especially for brands who have great products and services.


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