nice to meet you

We are Austin and Nicole Barkis, the husband and wife team behind
Barkis + Co. Photography.

We are creative types with a passion for adventure. We love every dog, great coffee (usually iced), tacos, "dad" jokes, exploring this beautiful world, meeting authentic people, and pretty much everything that fuels our creative spirits.

our story

Austin and I were both born & raised in Olympia, WA. In 2011, we met through photography, fell madly in love and have been attached at the hip ever since. Our story has taken us from Washington, to Fullerton, CA, living the nomad life on the road for a year, and finally, settling down in beautiful Monterey, CA. We currently live with our two pups, running our photography business, our design studio and our cloud hosting company. Our life can move at a million miles a minute sometimes, but we love every second of it and the wonderful clients turned friends that we get to meet because of it. We would love to meet you and hear your story next!


We have been to Disneyland over 300 times.


While we lived in Fullerton, we held premium annual passes for two years. We visited the park 3-4 times a week (sometimes daily) just to walk around, people watch, and soak in the magical atmosphere.

We lived nomadic on the road in a Mini Cooper and 5x7 teardrop trailer for nearly a year.


In 2014, we sold nearly all our belongings, left our massive two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in Fullerton, and set off to find our new home. We planned to travel the entire country, cataloging it on social media & via our blog. We expected to spend 2-3 years (or longer) on the road finding our perfect place to call home, but our trip ended a year later (somewhat early in our opinion) after traveling through Big Sur and Monterey, meeting a friend that allowed us to stay with them for 2 weeks and simply falling in love with this area. We continued traveling for a few months, and finally decided we loved the area so much we wanted to call it home. In 2015, we moved to Monterey and plan to be here for the rest of our lives (plus a vacation home somewhere else, eventually).

We hate coffee.


We usually have two coffees per day. Our favorites are iced vanilla lattes (light milk, extra ice) or an iced doppio espresso with caramel drizzle and a splash of half and half.

We don't have kids.


BUT, we have two small dogs named Yoshi and Bowser who are practically our children. I know a lot of pet owners say that, but our dogs have insane personalities and strangers even agree they're like people. We love them to pieces and currently have no intention of having kids anytime soon:)

We love to travel.


We have been lucky enough to travel to 9 states and 4 countries so far throughout our relationship, and so far our very favorite is Costa Rica. Big Sur is a close second (seriously, we love Big Sur), but we hope to visit Costa Rica yearly, and eventually buy a vacation home there. We also love traveling worldwide to photograph couples, so much so that our destination coverage is usually free. Contact us for more info:)

We had a giant wedding full of stunning vendors and jaw-dropping details.


We actually eloped & loved every minute of it. While we love, love, loooove big, gorgeous weddings, we had a lot of family chaos surrounding the earliest stages of planning, and we ultimately decided eloping was the right choice for us. With the support of our parents and immediate family, we picked a date we liked (a tuesday in late November), our best friend got ordained, I taught her how to work my camera & we played hookie from work to get married. The sunset that night was so magical and we stayed to watch the colors fade to darkness, so long in fact that our dinner place had closed, so we had taco bell for dinner (my guilty pleasure) and the lady at the register didn't believe we had just gotten married, even though we were in a full ball gown and suit.

We both love Rocky Road ice cream.


This is a recently learned fact about both of us - I (Nicole) had never tried Rocky Road before a recent trip to Seattle, became insanely obsessed with it, and upon telling Austin this was my new favorite ice cream, he responded with "IT'S MINE TOO!" but apparently he's never bought it because he wasn't sure I'd like it. Now there's a carton in our freezer at all times.

We are cat people.


While we've met some pretty awesome cats before, we are definitely dog people through and through. We've tried owning cats on three separate occasions and not making it more than a week. #catsarekindacrazy #dogpeopleforlife ;)

We own and operate 3 businesses.


We run a design and marketing agency, Zeeqk, out of our design studio in Monterey with our two full time employees. We also launched a dedicated cloud hosting business, 1upCloud, and of course, Barkis + Co., our photography business.

We hate getting their own photos taken.


We actually thoroughly enjoy getting in front of the camera at least once a year. Not only do we think it's really important to have quality photos you can look back on (and hang in your home and share with family/friends on social media), but we also like to remind ourselves what our clients feel and experience, and ensure we stay aware of the difficulties that come along with planning a shoot and being in the spotlight for a minute.


meet the team


Owner | Lead Photographer
Nicole has a never-ending sweet tooth, loves all animals, dad jokes, good coffee and mexican food, is a recovering workaholic, loves to read, is a slight perfectionist, and can be overwhelmingly spontaneous.


Lead Photographer
Austin has a passion for art, loves italian food and ice cream (not together), is also a recovering workaholic, loves video games (new ones, but especially retro), and watching engaging documentaries.